Valle dell’Acate presents Bellifolli

V a l l e d e l l A c a t e p r e s e n t s B e l l i f o l l i




Milan, March 7th, 2018 – its name is Bellifolli and it is the new project of the Sicilian cellar Valle dell’Acate, a winery present for six generations in the world of the island’s wine. The project will be illustrated today in an advance presentation at the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan. A brilliant line of wines created after reflecting on the success of Frappato both in Italy and on International markets; a wine which is fresh and light. A red wine which also goes well with fish and is a fine match to many international dishes. And is much liked by the younger generation. Bellifolli synthesizes the character and the contrasts of Sicily and the Sicilians: the beauty and the moments of folly, the light and the shade, the sea in turmoil and the warm sirocco breeze – all of this which, together, has created an identity which can be seen in one of the marvels of the island, its spectacular Baroque architecture.
“As a child I walked through the streets of our cities protected by the “mascheroni”, the fantastic or grotesque faces which jut out from the facades of the palaces. We Sicilians have lived with them for centuries, they are part of our daily life. They narrate, murmur, observe – comments Gaetana Jacono, proprietor of Valle Dell’Acate –and adds that Interbrand, the principal brand consultancy firm on a global level, has known how to interpret our concept with much intelligence, giving it an up to date style and approach. Here are four wines – Syrah, Nero d’Avola, Insolia, Grillo & Chardonnay – which are marvelously Sicilian and have obtained the effect we hoped for on the younger generations, that of appreciation and total surprise”.


The ruby red color with purple highlights and the black fruit sensations of the Syrah are recounted by a jovial and carefree face which confronts each and every day with a open smile. Fruity and intense with pleasurable notes of both aromatic and dried herbs, it unleashes flavors which are rich, fragrant, and persuasive. The vigorous, almost beastly, face recounts the story of Nero d’Avola , one full of intense flavors. A velvety and balanced wine with pleasurable notes of red fruit. The notes of citrus fruit, the jasmine aromas, and the typical greenish yellow color of Insolia have inspired a reassuring and serene face which suggests fragrance and balance. And finally, the solid and sunny features which identify the Grillo & Chardonnay reflect the suave structure of a fruity and intense wine with notes of apples and tropical fruit. The identify di Bellifolli, developed by Interbrand, is a surprising one: steeped in tradition, it expresses as well a contemporary spirit and lightness through a harmonious use of color and contrast. The elegant lines of the characters of the label, inspired by those created by the famous Italian typographer, printer, and type designer Giambattista Bodoni, complete the visual identity of these new wines.

“I am proud to present Bellifolli, a project which represents the desire on the part of Valle dell’Acate to renew its approach and appeal, which aims at the Millenials, a young public, which likes to drink light wines, wines to taste with friends at the hour of the aperitif, in wine shops and restaurants, or at home – declares Gaetana Jacono. Their wine culture is constantly growing, but they are also quite attracted by an appealing image and packaging. This was the reason for an up-dating which did not neglect to reinterpret and give new luster and visibility to the centuries-old Baroque culture of Sicily, a patrimony of UNESCO, to the international grape varieties which have been planted in the island’s vineyards, and to the passion and sense of conviviality of the Italians.”

“We are very happy to have begun this collaboration – said Manfredi Ricca, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA & LatAm di Interbrand Valle dell’Acate has an extraordinary potential and all that is required to grow internationally: a story to tell, a place, a culture, and – above all – a forward-looking philosophy.”

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