Zagra – D.O.C. Sicilia Grillo


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Produced in: Contrada Biddine Soprana e Sottana, Acate (RG) – Eastern Sicily
Recognition: D.O.C. Sicilia Grillo
Grape Variety: Grillo
Methods of growth: Espaliers and cord, 5.000 plants/hectare
Harvest period: Mid/late of august
Aging process: Steel vats for 4 months and bottle-aged for 4 months
Refinement: 4 months in bottle
level. Alcohol.: 13,5% vol.
Color: Bright straw-colored yellow
Aroma: Complex with distinctive aromas of white flowers and minerals.
Flavor: Large, velvety but alive, with great structure and persistence with strong flavor and minerality.
Best paired with: Seafood, fried fish and vegetables, tempura, vegetable caponata, marinated. Serve at: 10°-12° C
YELLOW SOIL: These vineyards are located along the coast, in the Contrada Biddine Soprana e Contrada Biddine Sottana , where the soil has a sandy-clay structure and characteristic yellow colour. The soil is relatively light, imbuing the wines with freshness and complex scents.
Wine produced here includes Zagra, and is savoury and mineral, achieving the fullest possible expression of the three elements inherent to yellow soil, proximity to the sea and well-ventilated slopes.