Cerasuolo di Vittoria and TANE’ – Nero d’Avola are the winery products that stand for excellence. IRI DA IRI, the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Cru is the only D.O.C.G (the label that guarantees the quality and origin of a wine) in Sicily. It is a single varietal expression, cultivated in Biddine Soprana vineyard, 200 mt above the sea level. This wine proves that Cerasuolo is a long aging wine, a success for the twenty years research conducted by Gaetana Jacono and oenologist Carlo Casavecchia. TANE’ – Nero d’Avola, (Tanè stands for “Gaetana” in Sicilian dialect), is produced with grapes that grow in a small vineyard. The grapes yearly harvest is no more than 800 grams per plant, picked at the time fruits have reached the correct maturation to ensure the highest quality guaranteed by Valle dell’Acate.