“We are our wines, our history is our wines. I do not care for trends but for the excellence of native tastes of my soil, resulting in excellent wines. I am ready to work for years if that means the best balance of time, taste and density of a single label.”

Choosing continuity means to take on the duty to maintain quality excellence, refusing to compromise, respect traditions of an eternal place, being immune to fashion and to preserve the territory with environmentally sustainable actions and to project it into the future.

The search for excellence started from the two leading products of the winery: Frappato and Cerasuolo. These wines represent the wine culture of the south-east Sicilian territory, they are made to stay and to enhance their value in time.

Innovation is fast and could appear in strong contradiction with the patience and the slow pace needed to grow grapes and make food wine, that typical agricultural virtue of acceptance, of being part of nature and respecting its pace, sometimes its tantrums. Valle dell’Acate shows how innovation is possible in tradition, actually innovation is a significant part of tradition, and today arise from ancient memories to read, understand and elaborate the present.

Wine is culture and has to be brought into the future with no rift and interruption, it has to be accompanied, maintained in continuity.

This is the philosophy that permits the high quality of Valle dell’Acate wines, it has deep and solid roots and acts day by day through constant oenological researches and sustainable technologies. The aim is the real enhancement and promotion of the territory and its fruits, through wine of absolute excellence.

Gaetana Jacono mission is to personally conduct and sustain the ongoing research for highest quality. This consistent attitude, an essential part of entrepreneurial spirit, brought Valle dell’Acate to the present international success.