“I have a very intimate relationship with two elements, water and soil. The sea is mine for birth and into the sea I calm the great energy that I bring inside.”
Gaetana Jacono.

Gaetana Jacono was born in a family that has been producing wine for more than a century. After her degree in Pharmacy she decided to turn back at her origin and to cultivate the passion for wine that her family imparted to her.

She began to work in Valle dell’Acate as the developer of the international business. She wanted to make the territory of Ragusa, its prestigious vineyards and grapes, known. She wanted to continue the family tradition and accomplish important tasks in sustainability.

To produce organic wines that reveal the authentic expression of the soil and the character of the territory of Ragusa is her path. She decided to walk it in the name of continuity, that does not mean only to preserve but to project into the future traditional values, constantly working respect and innovations.

With the cooperation of the enologist Carlo Casavecchia, known for his wide experience on Sicilian territory, Gaetana brought Il Frappato di Vittoria DOC Valle dell’Acate, to be recognized as “the best in Sicily” and praised by the wine critics. Moreover, BDN Cerasuolo di Vittoria is the only DOCG in Sicily.
Valle dell’Acate with these two important and prestigious wines produce other few and selected excellence of the territory such as Tané-Nero d’Avola, Il Moro-Nero d’Avola, and the two flower bouquets Zagra-Grillo and Thymbra-Vermentino.

In January 2013 Gaetana became Brand Ambassador of the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG and of the territory of Ragusa and in April 2014 Ambassador of WE-Woman for Expo, the international women network that are involved in the campaign for the right to the food, a project born and sustained by Expo Milano 2015.

In 2020 Valle dell’Acate subscribed to VIVA (Sustainable Viticulture) project of the Ministry for Environment and for the Territory and Sea Safeguard and recently it became part of the first Energetic Community of the Italian Vineyard, a project that include the use of a plant of 200 kw linked to adjoining companies.