Valle dell’Acate opens the door of an historic winery that reveals the activity of six generations of agricultural entrepreneurs. Winery tours offer wine enthusiasts the discovery of the art of wine-making, in an enchanting atmosphere, full of history, tradition and culture.

€ 30.00 a persona

Trekking in the vineyard

A sommelier-trekker will welcome the guests at the courtyard of the farm and tell them the history of Jacono family, then lead them to visit the old winery, the “Dispensa”, the XIX century “Palmento” (the pressing room) after a 3 km walk in the vineyards. Once back to the winery the guest will taste three Valle dell’Acate wines, combined with olives, dry tomatoes and homemade bread.

All products are organic and locally sourced.

€ 30.00 a persona

Homemade pasta and condiments

This is the ideal class to learn different techniques to prepare traditional home made pasta.

Tagliatelle with traditional sauces (ragù alla bolognese, tomato sauce…)

Homemade tortellini stuffed with traditional and innovative ingredients.

The traditional home made pasta is combined with Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Classic.

€ 30.00 a persona

Events and evocative atmospheres

The ”Dispensa” hosting the old barrels, has a big inner space fitting any event in every season. It has been used for meetings, congresses, gala dinners, banquets, ceremonies.

The place shows two centuries of oenological history. The suggestive stone architecture, its traditional roofs in cane and plaster, capture our guests and bring them to the celebrated roots of Sicilian culture.

Come and visit it.

Certain places are hard to reduce in words.