Valle dell’Acate at the wine pavilion – A taste of Italy, Expo 2015

V a l l e d e l l A c a t e a t t h e w i n e p a v i l i o n A t a s t e o f I t a l y , E x p o 2 0 1 5

Valle dell’Acate, the Sicilian wine estate run by Gaetana Jacono and Francesco Ferreri and now in its sixth generation of active viticultural life, will participate, on June 25th, in the tasting “I Vini di Sicilia” at Milan’s Expo World Fair. The tasting will take place from 4:30 P.M. to 6 P.M. at the Convivium Room of the Wine Pavilion – A Taste of Italy (
The wine offered for tasting is the 2010 Tané, the estate’s top of the line wine…