Octopus seasoned with the flavour of Sicily

O c t o p u s s e a s o n e d w i t h t h e f l a v o u r o f S i c i l y

house of pairingsTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

The research of the week is octopus prepared with the flavors of Sicily and its perfect match with the 2016 Grillo Zagra, served ice cold during this hot summer …. Try it!

Ingredients for 4 persons
4 octopi approximately 10-11 ounces in weight
5 potatoes
capers under salt
black olives
1 garlic clove
1 bay leaf
extra-virgin olive oil
cherry tomatoes
salt and pepper

Clean the octopi, removing the eyes and the teeth. Put the capers packed under salt into water, changing the water several times. Raise the temperature of the iron pot until it beco- mes red hot. Throw the octopi into the pot and cover it well. Cook for approximately 30minutes. Peel the potatoes, wash them cut them into slices, put them into a pot, and cover them with water. Add the garlic clove with or without its skin and the bay leaf as well. Boil for some 30 minutes. In the meantime, put the olives into a microwave oven (an 800w model, better if 1200 w) and cook them without water for approximately 30 seconds, or until they began to dry and crumble. Once the olives are cooked, break them up or chop them finely until they become a virtual powder or cinders. Chop the cherry tomatoes. Remove the capers from the water, dry them, and chop them finely. Once the potatoes are cooked, put them into a blender with extra-virgin oil and salt and blend them. Pour the mashed potatoes onto a plate, place an entire octopus or a half tentacle on them (the octopus will have shriveled up when cooked). Add the capers, the olive cinders, and the chopped cherry tomatoes. Finish by drizzling olive oil and sprinkling pepper over the dish.

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