Bread with Ibla Olives (The “Tonda Iblea”)

B r e a d w i t h I b l a O l i v e s ( T h e T o n d a I b l e a )

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Are you looking for a Sicilian type of tapas?
We can only match  our Tenute Ibidini Nero d’Avola with this lovely dish, a light red wine which conserves on the nose the complex aromas of blackberries and black fruit  of the Nero d’Avola and, on the palate, fuses liquorice spices and the chocolate which denote our Tenuta d’Avola estate wine with the decisive flavors of the Tenuta Ibidin Nero d’Avola olves. They speak of Ragusa, indeed of Valle d’Acate thanks to the yellow soil on which they are cultivated, with a freshness and lightness of true modernity which always gives me the pleasure of thinking of my family, modern but one with the wisdom of age …. What more could I wish?

2.2 pounds of 00 durum wheat flour
one cube of beer yeast
a pinch of salt
18 fluid ounces of cold water
10 ounces of pitted Tonda Iblea olives
a pinch of malt

Dissolve the yeast, the salt, and the malt in the water, Pour the flour into a bowl or a bread machine, add the liquid, and knead until the dough has become homogeneous. Cover with a damp kitchen towel or saran wrap. Let the dough rise for approximately 45  minutes. Add the olives and knead for a few more minutes. Form rolls approximately 1.75 ounces in weight, cut a cross into them, and let them rise for approximately 3 hours. Bake in a ventilated oven at a temperature of 320° or in a static oven at 340° for around 20 minutes.  Let them cool before serving.

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Katerina Monroe

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!

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