– How to Drink Red Wine in the Summer

M a r t h a S t e w a r d . c o m H o w t o D r i n k R e d W i n e i n t h e S u m m e r

by Sarah Tracey

Because warm weather isn’t only about rosé.

Temperatures are rising but that doesn’t mean you have to switch to rosé. Red wines still deserve a place on your table, whether that table is indoors or out. The most refreshing way to make red wine a part of your summer routine is to chill it. Not all red wines should be chilled, though: Chilling full-bodied, high tannin, high-alcohol reds like cabernet sauvignon will make them taste astringent and metallic; and savory wines like syrah that have lots of leathery, earthy, or spicy flavors will not drink well when chilled. The best red wines to chill are naturally light in body, low in tannins (the compound found in the seeds, stems, and skins of grapes that can make your mouth feel dry and prickly), and are fruity. Chilling reds like these brings out their liveliness and minimizes the perception of alcohol. (That’s the warming sensation that alcohol in wine can bring and it’s not something we usually desire when it’s hot out!).
The best way to chill a bottle of red for summer sipping? In an ice bucket or cooler. If you can’t tuck the bottle into ice, simply put it in your refrigerator for 45-60 minutes before you plan to drink it. Here, five red wines that are perfect chilled.

A fantastic, easy drinking wine from Sicily, frappato is brimming with wild strawberry and red raspberry flavors and aromas, and has an incredibly smooth texture. Try Try Tami By Occhipinti Frappato 2017 ($21.99) or Il Frappato, Valle dell’Acate 2017 ($19.99). Embrace the spirit of Italy in the summertime by pairing a chilled glass of frappato with a fresh summer pasta.


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