Rabbit in pieces

R a b b i t i n p i e c e s

THE HOUSE OF PAIRING | recipe of Davide Di Corato

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The Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg Classico returns in this early winter to marry a dish of white meat rendered rich and juicy by tomatoes, by capers, and by olives, a trio of Mediterranean flavors. The presence of Nero d’Avola on the palate, never excessively concentrated, and the aromatic complexity of Frappato march side by side in this plate, which will surprise you with which the sensations fuse, leaving a clean palate and a long finish to the wine, a symbol of the province of Ragusa… never forgetting however the vigorous  Il Frappato… Valle dell’Acate of course!

Ingredients for 4 persons
1 rabbit
1 tablespoon of capers under salt
1/2 glass of vinegard
1 glass of water
1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate
1 celery branch
1 garlic clove
12 small black olives
extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut the rabbit into pieces. Sauté it in oil for a few minutes until it takes on a golden color. Remove from the frying pan and pat dry with paper towels. Add the garlic cloves, the chopped celery, and he capers. Heat for a few minutes. Add all te other ingredients except for the olives and the water and stir well. Add the pieces of rabbit and cook, turning the pieces after five minutes. Add the olives, pour the water into the pan, and cook for 40 minutes, adding more water if the evaporation is too rapid during the cooking. Season with salt and pepper. Service hot with the sauce created by the cooking.

Katerina Monroe
Katerina Monroe

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!

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