Chicago Tribune – Beaujolais Nouveau is here! But it’s so overrated. Here are 6 wines to try instead

C h i c a g o T r i b u n e B e a u j o l a i s N o u v e a u i s h e r e ! B u t i t s s o o v e r r a t e d . H e r e a r e 6 w i n e s t o t r y i n s t e a d


“Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive!” So goes the cry when, on the third Thursday of November, the light, fruity wine is released at midnight. […]

Her personal tastes skew toward high-acid-style wines, like Valle dell’Acate’s frappato from Sicily, “very sunshiney, retaining lots of acid and fruitiness,” says Driver Speckan. “It’s straightforward and has great value.” Frappato is a red grape native to the Italian island and is typically lighter in alcohol, tasting and smelling of…

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!