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Gelo di pompelmo e marmellata d'arance amare.jpgGrapefruit custard, and a good glass of Frappato.

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Carbonara 2000.jpegTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

A double matching in this recipe of David di Corato for The House of Pairing.

Bidis Chardonnay,, whose richness on the palate perfectly marries the creaminess of the egg and  the finesse of tropical fruit aromas, tepers the intense aroma of the carbonara. A rich wine, fermented and aged in oak barrels, a wine which maintains the  freshness of its white earth source and the breezes which sweep over the vineyard.

The presence of the beef cheeks recalls Cerasuolo di Vittoria, te perfect marriage between the aromatic Frappato and the dense and velvety Nero d’Avola. A perfect  fusion for a rich first course such as carbonara.

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Insalatina di ricotta di pecora e bottarga.jpgThe soft consistence of the ricotta cheese tempers the strong flavor of bottarga, pressed fish eggs, when matched to the Grillo  Zagraits savory character cleans the palate and leaves suppleness in the mouth.



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Spaghetti_pesce.jpgTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

With this recipe, redolent of the sea and the Mediterranean,  is a perfect pairing, in the extreme simplicity of its ingredients, with a rich  wine such as Bidis , a golden colored Chardonnay with a soft and ample palate, one with a lingering crispness and savor.

A sip of sunny Sicily!

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gelo di cannella

A dish of Sicily, to match to our Limited Edition  Il Moro, served cool. The cinnamon flavor is fully brought out when it meets the  spices and chocolate of Nero d’Avola… and then, to fully complete  the palate, it  is finished with Il moro nel cuore , the chocolate created by Bonajuto and Valle dell’Acate with a “heart”  made of Moro Limited Edition.

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Alette.jpgTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

The chicken wings with a citric sauce are perfect for the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG wine, where the fragrance of Frappato  adds lightness to a crisp dish, while the suppleness of the Nero d’Avola rounds the chicken. The wine and the dish truly complete one another.

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The creaminess of confit tomatoes together with the savory flavor of the anchovies requires a light red wine such as  Il Frappato, aromatic, served cool, a completeness of fragrance which fuses the flavors on the palate, leaving cleanness of taste and fully bringing out the suppleness of the “paccheri”  (large maccheroni) pasta.


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Pancia di maiale imporchettata al forno.jpgTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

Il Moro Nero d’avola is to be paired with pork, a classic Sicilian match which, in the area of the province of Ragusa and the black earth of Valle dell’Acate in particular,  expresses more elegance, not a rusti characterc, with its nuances of blackberries and berry fruit. And, on the palate, a supple chocolate which accompanies the sumptuousness of this pork and, on the finish, cleans the palate. A Nero d’Avola wine, Il Moro, provides drinking pleasure and enjoyment with this crisp plate.

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It is though we are not attempting to match our2013 Cerasuolo di Vittoria , which is the very basis of the reduction which we prepared for the tuna. Serve at 57-59° Fahrenheit  (14-15° centigrade) and its fragrance of the wild cherries of Frappato and the silky palate of Nero d’Avola will be the ideal match for the fish.
And, as always, the Cerasuolo marches alongside the palate and never dominates it.

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THE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipes of Davide Di Corato

The recipe is an excellent match to Il Frappato , served very cold with no hesitation. Its fragrance on the palate and the complexity of its aromas of raspberries and violets heighten the flavor of the anchovies and the anchovies that of the wine.

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