Inside IWM – Go-To-Wine Tuesday: Valle dell’Acate 2014 Il Frappato Vittoria

I n s i d e I W M G o - T o - W i n e T u e s d a y : V a l l e d e l l A c a t e 2 0 1 4 I l F r a p p a t o V i t t o r i a

One wine that I’ve always enjoyed is the Valle dell’Acate Il Frappato Vittoria. I had a bottle of the 2014 that I had not tasted yet, so I thought I would open it. I love Frappato, an indigenous Sicilian grape. It has nice, delicate floral and cherry notes, and while it’s light enough to enjoy in warm weather, its supple tannins make it hold up when there is a slight  chill in the air, and it pairs well with an array of foods…