Il Moro Limited Edition 2008 Valle dell’Acate: the perfect holiday gift for Christmas 2015

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This year put a little extra magic in your Christmas with Il Moro Limited Edition 2008
from Valle dell’Acate
A pure, deep garnet red Nero d’Avola, Il Moro Limited Edition is intense, rich and enveloping:
the perfect holiday gift for Christmas 2015

Valle dell’Acate has decided to pay homage to its Il Moro Limited Edition 2008 wine, offering it in a Christmas gift package for the 2015 holiday season: the perfect gift for anyone who loves elegant, silky wines with intense aromas.

A deep garnet red, the wine is characterized by notes of mature prune and caramelized cherries, with a hint of spices, vanilla and chocolate. The flavor is full-bodied, silky, warm and elegant. Il Moro Limited Edition was born of Valle dell’Acate’s ongoing desire to experiment and push the boundaries of its own wine production. The 2008 harvest was particularly select and concentrated, inspiring the winemakers to leave the grapes on the vine following their physiological maturation in order to let them wither and dehydrate slightly.

The resulting wine – extremely rich, intense and enveloping – was aged in small French barrels for approximately one year before continuing its aging in glass, for a total production of no more than 4,000 bottles.

Il Moro Limited Edition is a perfect accompaniment for red meats, roasts, meat stews, game meats and aged cheeses, and particularly recommended as a companion wine for 13-month Ragusano DOP cheese, Nebrodi cheese and pecorino cheeses. The wine makes a perfect pairing for an elegant, refined and flavorful Christmas dinner.

Il Moro Limited Edition is part of the project “7 TERRE PER 7 VINI” (7 LANDS FOR 7 WINES), the result of 50 years of experimentation in the field and the cantina’s pride and joy: each of the 7 different wines that make up the most prestigious offerings from Valle dell’Acate have been painstakingly matched with the perfect terrain for the grapes, exerting a strong influence over the fruit’s composition and imbuing the final product with a special, unique flavor; a result of the winemakers’ conviction that the choice of “terroir” is an important added value for production.

Il Moro Limited Edition was born of Terra Nera (Black Earth), terrain where soil color is so dark as to become almost black, with a medium soil density tending toward compact, and a notable presence of small, dark stones.

As with all the company’s wines, Il Moro Limited Edition was born of vines that fully respect sustainability protocols and are already being reconverted to obtain biological ICEA certification. The company also adheres to the VIVA sustainable wine project.

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