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“Before becoming wine it is a grape. It is born in the soil, brings us closer to nature and teaches us to respect her, forcing us to be patient and wait, to appreciate balance and an element of unexpectedness.

Once it becomes a wine, it is elegant and refined; a glass of liquid velvet that opens your senses. It is many different flavors at once, flavors that enter your body, along with joy and conviviality, and provide the ideal accompaniment for foods both simple and complex.

Wine leads you out on an adventure to discover new places and people, new territories and history”.
Gaetana Jacono

Thanks to the nature of the place, with the use of technologically advanced equipment, and with a a century long experience, Valle dell’Acate is able to produce a wide range of high quality, modern and warm hearted wines: the famous DOCG Cerasuolo in the CLASSIC version, the DOC Vittoria Frappato and Insolia,the DOC Zagra Grillo, the IGT Sicila, Il Moro di Nero d’Avola, Bidis Chardonnay, Zagra Grillo and Tane, the latter obtained from the selection of the best grapes of Nero d’Avola grape, from the most important harvests.

The Spirit of the Company is the interpreter of a special winemaking, in which the ancient tradition and nature are deeply combined, becoming the reason why of the extraordinary quality of its wines.

Valle dell’Acate wines reveal the authentic expression of our territory’s history and character.

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