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Valle dell’Acate wines embody the natural beauty of the Bidini Domain.

“We live in a land rich in history, where wine enjoys longstanding traditions. We are in a faraway place, rife with beauty and mystery, where we planted vines before the phylloxera arrived, and again after it passed. How could we help but enthusiastically embrace our own varietals and our own wines”.
Gaetana Jacono.

Valle dell’Acate wines embody the natural beauty of the Bidini Domain. This land boasts important archeological values, including the discovery of a necropolis that testifies to the area’s flourishing past during its rule by the Greeks. Its uncontaminated nature, rows of grapevines crisscrossing the slopes and earthy clay terrain recreate a true natural paradise, dominated by the silent and austere palmento, an ancient building housing a millstone used to crush grapes, and the “storeroom.”

Amid a bucolic atmosphere in which time seems to stand still, the suggestive stone architecture harks back to the land’s longstanding farming culture, reminding visitors of the way wine was once made.Inside the large building people can see the Ditta E. Negro presses that have substituted the antique cianca once used to press the grapes. Large, luminous openings served to allow harvesters to send freshly-gathered grapes “down the course” and into the palmento press. In years past, men, women crushed the grapes, singing and dancing, together at harvest time.

Visitors can still see the two carven channels through which fresh grape must once flowed, running downhill to the storeroom. Well aware of the inestimable value of tradition, in 2001 Giuseppe and Gaetana Jacono began important restoration work on the antique palmento, returning the building to its original splendor. This building’s rich history and beauty enchants visitors, communicating the spirit and memory of Sicilian culture’s illustrious roots.

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