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THE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

A second course to be served together with Il Frappato.

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Triplo minestroneTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato

Lightness in the palate and lightness in the wine, this proposed pairing for our triple “minsterone”, or vegetable soup,. How one could not think of Il Frappato, born from raspberries, blackberries, and violets, from spices such as sage on the palate.  ….complex aromas and a velvety but fragrant  palate, a Sicily which is brilliant in its freshness. A true wine with a smile …. drinking it, a happy face  can always  be seen.

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IMG_4376.jpgI cannot but combine the new vintage of Zagra, cricket with this dish, which brings with it the aromas of Modica, the call of the sea and a Sicilian lightness. A wine that has in its flavor and minerality its uniqueness that this year has been combined with the richness and creaminess of the warm 2017 vintage. Qualities that blend with the velvety in a harmonious palate.

Nothing better for a convivial table, with friends around the table, on a cold January evening. The heart will warm you and finally… the peelings of last week and the Moro Limited Edition!

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Grilled cuttlefish

totani alla plachaTHE HOUSE OF PAIRINGS | recipe of Davide Di Corato
Ideal when paired with Valle dell’Acate’s Il Frappato served at a cool temperature.

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Pollo al curry e riso thai al gelsomino.jpeg

We start the year with the same wine with which we closed the previous one, celebrating in this way 2018 and Cerasuolo di Vittoria, a wine which, along with Frappato, express the essence of Valle dell’Acate. The spiciness of curry is perfect for being softened and rendered more complex by Nero d’Avola, and the dish will be enveloped by the aromas of Frappato. Serve the wine at a temperature of 61° Fahrenheit and you will be enthusiastic about this pairing.


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timballo di melanzane

We end the year with thise most “Sicilian” plate and the wine which most expresses Ragusa, the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

Two symbols which best express the essence of Valle dell’Acate, of this territory and the ties to this soil, The eggplant, the tomato, the grated ricotta cheese and the red earth of Cerasyolo di Vittoria symbolize the perfect marriage between Nero d’Avola and Frappato. Nero d’Avola is full and creamy on the palate, velvety but dry like the Nero d’Avola of our territory, Valle dell’Acate; solely on the nose the wine releases all the fragrance of our Frappato, the raspberries, the sage, the liquorice but above all it is redolent of violets and their fragrance …. only on our black soil with white pebbles can this be felt. Valle dell’Acate’s Frappato, in fact, can be recognized anywhere.

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anatra all'arancia.jpeg

This Christmas dish can only be matched to our Iri da Iri… this is my personal merry Christmas wish, one for a tranquil 2018 as well.


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costoletta alla milanese, il mio nord, il mio sud.jpeg

How is it possible not to think of the wine, an autumn symphony, our Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG. The freshness of Frappato and the lovely suppleness of Nero d’Avola will be a perfect marriage for this typical Milan dish, a true DOC, which meets, here, the sole DOCG of Sicily, famous for its elegance rather than sheer power. Ruby red just like the red soil of our Valle d’Acate vineyard.

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filetto al pepe verde.jpeg

This marvelous dish, which warms our winters, requires a full-bodied wine, rich but elegant as well, which can fully bring out the creaminess of the sauce but also cleans the palate.

Our Il Moro – Nero d’Avola is perfect, a true expression of Ragusa’s, indeed Acate’s, important  body, the fresh palate and flavors of red fruit and chocolate mean  a wine grown on our black soil, which speaks of Sicily but above all of Valle dell’Acate.

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A small soufflé of fresh eggs and ….then unchain your fantasy in order to enrich it! Liberate your fantasy wish an accompaniment of vegetables chosen by you to enrich the dish, zucchini squash  are perfect but cooked spinach or asparagus do just as well.

And the wine will be fresh and savory, mineral, and therefore Zagra ,our Grillo, and although it pairs well with this dish, from grapes grown on yellow soil, it offers a freshness and warmth which are totally Sicilian.

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