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Valle dell'AcateI love music, I listen to it whenever I can, at any and all hours of the day.
I have had the good fortune to grow up in a family which taught me to know it, to understand it, and to appreciate it. My father, in our home in Vittoria, conserves and enlarges with meticulous and fully involved care a collection of instrument in “his” music room. For this reason it was natural for me to involve myself in Milano Musica which, for 25 years, has given Milan, the city of my second home,
a program which probes with great intelligence the language of contemporary music.

INTONING THE LIGHT is the theme which, this year, through the presentation of French composer Gérard Grisey and some of his new pieces, played for the very first time, wishes to draw attention to its innovative musical thought.
One which subverts the paradigms of the structuralist vanguard through an exploration of the intrinsic nature of sounds, a sort of immersion in an unknown world made of infinite sonic perceptions which then flow together to form a fully finished sound.
Valle dell’Acate will supplement three concerts on the 6th, 7th, and 14th of November with a tasting of wines which accompany perfectly the character and the sounds of a musician whose dream is to intercept the deep pulsations which link the forms of nature to the forms of art.
I immediately, and again through a collaboration with Milano Music, gave my support to the Music Fund project and in this way added Valle dell’Acate’s contribution of solidarity to the transport of musical instruments to Mozambique. I am fascinated by the subtle thread which joins together music and the sea in a web of sounds, pauses, and silence.
I have also imagined these instruments as they live a second life, travelling on a boat which gradually makes its way through various places and cultures, reaching slowly, day by day, its goal and destination. In the same way, the bottle of wine is the fruit of a slow and ambitious project which, departing from the soil and vineyard, grows, producing the grapes which are then transformed into the wine which goes into the bottle. A bottle which is also a messenger which recounts, in its turn, a story, the history of a place. A bottle which voyages along various and differing routes, encountering a series of places and cultures and in this voyage gets to know them. My love for music led Valle dell’Acate to the Music Fund. And now Music Fund brings me to the sea: music, the sea, and wine are my true loves, capable as they are of soothing my soul and countering a life which is always in motion. They are symbols of the slowness and patience which are necessary
to bring to its conclusion an important project.

Gaetana Jacono

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