Bidis – Sicilia D.O.C. Chardonnay


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Produced in: Contrada Biddine Soprana e Sottana, Acate (RG) – Eastern Sicily
Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C Chardonnay
Grape Variety: Chardonnay in purezza
Methods of growth: Espaliers and cord, 5.000 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 6300 kg
Aging process: New barriques for 12 months; bottle-aged for 4-6 month
level. Alcohol.: 13,50%
Color: Golden yellow with greenish reflections
Aroma: Complex and intense, full of sensations typical of ripe fruit enhanced by hints of vanilla, dried fruit and spices.
Sapore: Complesso e persistente, di decisa personalità, buona struttura, armonico elegante e particolarmente persistente.
Best paired with: Complex fish dishes, seafood, vegetable dishes, quiche Lorraine, bottarga, broad bean “macco”
Serve at: 10º-12º C.
WHITE SOIL : This vineyard is located atop a small plateau standing 250 meters above sea level, in Contrada Biddine Soprana with poor calcareous soil that guarantees excellent depth. The grapevines suffer a little here, failing to grow vigorously. This condition makes it possible to obtain an excellent fruit concentration which, thanks to ventilation, does not over-mature.
The Bidis wine is produced here: a powerful, intense yet delicate white.