Bellifolli is a new line of brilliant, fresh and light wines that synthesizes the character and the contrasts of Sicily and the Sicilians: the beauty and the moments of folly, the light and the shade, the sea in turmoil and the warm sirocco breeze.

Five wines, five faces, five different personalities, five different stories to tell.
The ruby red color with purple highlights and the black fruit sensations of the Rosso are recounted by a jovial and carefree face.

The vigorous, almost beastly, face recounts the story of Nero d’Avola , one full of intense flavors. The notes of citrus fruit, the jasmine aromas, and the typical greenish yellow color of Insolia have inspired a reassuring and serene face which suggests fragrance and balance.

The solid and sunny features which identify the Bianco reflect the suave structure of a fruity and intense wine with notes of apples and tropical fruit. And finally the irony of the mask of the unmistakable aromatic intensity of the Rosato, fruity with notes of rose and pomegranate that blend with those of small red fruits typical of frappato.