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The Recipes of Gaetana

Gelo di pompelmo e marmellata d'arance amare.jpgGrapefruit custard, and a good glass of Frappato.

Ingredients for 4 persons
1 quart of pink grapefruit juice
7.5 ounces of sugar
3 ounces of wheat or corn starch
orange marmelade

Squeeze the pink grapefruits and filter their juice. Dissolve the starch in a bit of cold water making sure to eliminate any lumps which may form. Pour the grapefruit juice into a pot and add the sugar. Add the starch and heat over a medium flame until the first bubbles begin to appear, stirring constantly. Pour eh custard into a mould, let it cool, then refrigerate for approximately 6-8 hours. Remove from the mould, place on a plate, and serve with the orange marmalade.

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